Internal Auditing Services

Internal Audit Services

What Internal Audit is all about?

Internal audit is an independent management function, which involves a continuous and critical appraisal of the functioning of an entity with a view to suggest improvements thereto and add value to and strengthen the overall governance mechanism of the entity, including the entity’s strategic risk management and internal control system.

Internal Audit​

Internal audit is not confined only to financial transactions but also is extended to the task of reviewing the internal process and internal control to ensure efficiency and economy of resource utilization. This makes it essential to review all the operations, process and internal controls of the entity and also evaluate the effectiveness of management.

We at Jain & Sharma ensure that we  deliver best quality services. We make sure the organization complies with all necessary sets of rules and policies and highlight the weakness, suggesting the remedies for the same.

Statutory Audit

Companies are governed by the Companies Act 2013. This act requires every company registered under the Companies Act 2013 to get there accounts audited. Thus an audit conducted for such a companies that is governed by Company law will be known as a statutory audit.

 All the regulations set by Companies Act and as well as the generally accepted auditing standards should be abided by while conducting an audit. The applicable accounting standards should also be adhered to. years of experience in helping clients conduct statutory audits in a systematic and well planned manner.